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Compass Financial is a boutique wealth solutions firm based in Charleston, SC with a strategic focus on creating tax efficient retirements.  


Owned and operated by Karen Stawicki and her daughter Samantha Irish, Compass Financial helps clients around the world understand what they need to achieve their unique financial goals, stay aligned with their distinct course, and ultimately accomplish their retirement goals.


Comprised of independent financial professionals, Compass Financial sets a new standard for client care with high-touch concierge service, a signature approach, combined 50+ years of experience, and dedication to empowering you to help maximize your financial potential.


Beginning with the end in mind, we are committed to your financial confidence and motivated to help you make the most of your hard-earned money.


Let Compass Financial help you navigate your wealth. 


At Compass Financial, we are here to help you navigate your wealth by eliminating uncertainty, curating your fluid plan and ensuring your confidence in your financial future.

We believe that your money - how it will work for and support you - should never be a mystery.  After decades in the financial services industry, we hear the same three questions from clients across all ages and walks: 



    Most people have this question, but are too afraid/proud to ask. Let’s cut the shamestorm and speak some truth.


    You’ve likely been told to save as much as you can when you can for as long as you can. Stay the course (accumulate, accumulate, accumulate!) and you’ll be fine. 


    If the strategy is that straightforward, then why does it seem like everyone around you is losing sleep over money and uncertain about their financial security? 


    You know to chip away at debt, but which IOU is working the hardest against your wealth?


    You’ve been told 401Ks are the clear choice, but could a Roth IRA be better (...and what’s the difference, again)?


    Why does it feel like this “one size fits all” approach seems to fit no one? 


    It’s not just you. You’re not necessarily doing it wrong, but you may not be doing it right for YOU based on your financial needs and goals. 


    You’re delightfully unique - your financial plan should be too.


    If you have a fancy embossed folder collecting dust on your shelf from a financial advisor you met with years ago (...what was his name again?), lean in and listen up.  


    As we all know, change is the only constant. Your life is and will continue to be fluid, which means your financial options and priorities will fluctuate.


    This is the rule, not the exception.


    Your financial plan is only as good as how often you review it, adjust it and adapt it to suit you.   


    Hold the phone, finances should be flexible?


    Yes! Neither you, nor your financial plan were ever meant to be static.


    Instead, your plan should be active - a regularly revisited framework that keeps you on course, but is designed to adjust and adapt with you as you grow. 


    You are moving and shaking - make sure your money can keep up. 


    This is the scariest question of all that simply does not have to be. 


    From knowing when and where to expect returns to surprise snags when drawing down your savings, your retirement plan can be an ulcer-inducing unknown or the ultimate peace of mind.   


    You're guaranteed to have bills and expenses...what about guaranteed income? 


    What about the tax wildcard? Are you covered if rates go up?


    Don’t wait until the (fingers-crossed) finish line to find out if enough is enough for yourself.


    Let us face it head on starting today and throughout your financial journey. 

At Compass Financial, we can help you navigate which debt to mitigate to grow your wealth, when to distribute versus accumulate, where there are tax burdens you may be missing and, above all, how to live with confidence that you will have enough at the end of the day.  


We may not have a crystal ball for you, but we do have your financial map.


Sound like you? Your biggest financial questions have answers - let’s find them together. Get in touch with us today.  



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