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Compass Financial - Retirement Planners
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Drawing Your Course

We begin with the end in mind.


Affectionately deemed "The Power of 3", learn more about our unique approach to creating confident retirements for our clients.


Beyond stereotypical financial services, our team starts with you, so we can plot a personalized path to help you reach your unique goals. 

Our approach is simple. For each and every client, we help educate you on a full understanding of what you currently have, how much you need to retire, and where each tactic belongs on the map to your financial success and retirement goals.  

In our first appointment, we will walk you through our proprietary EKG exercise to assess your financial health and answer the burning question of just how much you may need to reach your lifestyle and retirement goals. 

Beginning with the end in mind, we will move to the GPS model designed to create your custom course and tailored savings strategy to help get there. 

This first meeting is all about getting to know you and understanding what financial success looks like from your perspective. Whether it’s steadily saving 20% of your gross income or retiring a few years before you thought you could, we are getting to know each other and painting the big picture. 

You will not stroke a check for this consultation - we believe in building lasting relationships and earning your trust with no dollars down.  

From there, our team will regroup with a personalized perspective and comprehensive custom proposal to illustrate how you can reach your financial targets. 

We are here to answer your questions, cheer you on and make sure you feel confident in navigating your course every step of the way. 

Compass Financial - Specialties


We specialize in custom, agile strategies designed to help you reach your specific financial goals. Among our many talents and tactics, our financial expertise includes:

  • Tax Mitigation Solutions

  • Pre- & Post-Tax Retirement Strategies 

  • Premium Finance

  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuities

  • Fixed & Index Annuities

  • Term & Permanent Life Insurance

  • Business Solutions (Buy-Sell, Key-Man, Business Succession Planning)

Compass Financial - Testimonials


Thankfully, over the years we had always been able to prioritize savings, but we were still not confident in our ability to actually retire. How much was enough? Could we really do this? We knew we had a short timeline and we needed a plan.

Meeting Sam and Karen was one of the best things to happen to us & our future. Through their education, planning & use of strategic models we were able to create a plan that gave us the confidence we needed to stay focused! I know retirement is still a few years away, but we can't wait & now have confidence we will be ready!


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