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Mile 10 | The Retirement Race - It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Make no mistake, marathons may be run by one, but getting across that finish line is often achieved through the contributions of many.

I’m here to argue that running a marathon is a team sport - at least it is for me. From consulting vetted reviews on the best running shoes, seeking coaching expertise on training plans and pegging my partner to jog a few miles with me when we're on vacation, at the end of the day getting from A to B takes a village.

And as it should! Most of what we do in this life is a team effort and this endeavor is no exception. Your chances of success rise exponentially with a deeper bench.

Not that you need my permission, but take the pressure off yourself to embark on 26.2 alone. There are myriad loved ones, experts and resources at the ready to ensure you reach your running goals and stay happy, healthy and motivated along the way.

Now that you’ve let yourself off the hook for going it alone, let’s talk about building that dream team of yours. As with most things, I like to start with putting pen to paper on what you think you may need, questions you have or, simply, things that make you nervous about running this race.

From there, work from the inside out. Start by shaking the trees on your trusted inner circle - Who has done this before? Who might be up for logging a few miles with you or even signing up for the same race? Who has a coach they’ve worked with and trust? You will likely be delightfully surprised on the depth of expertise, knowledge and support right in front of you.

Next, take a step outside your circle to find additional insight and help. This may look like a neighborhood running group or referral for a performance nutritionist. Not only will bringing in some fresh faces welcome new perspective and insight, but it may also open the door for opportunities.

Much like taking on a marathon, best believe your retirement strategy and financial planning also takes a team. From offering expert insight and decades of experience at the start to that much-needed encouragement and emotional support along the way, finding the right wealth management team is critical to crossing the finish line on your time and your terms.

Ready to bring in the A-Team? Cue Compass Financial. Check out our free Master Class or get in touch with us today to learn more.


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