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New Year, New You? Let's Try New Year, Better You!

I think we can all say we are looking forward to 2021, but as we reflect on 2020 we choose to see the highlights:

  • More time at home with our family, pets & plants

  • A new appreciation for “at home” cooking

  • A slower pace of life, the kindness of strangers, or the joy of a trip to the grocery store

  • A new hobby you picked up in your spare time

What is one thing you are grateful for in 2020?

We truly believe “What you focus on expands” so as we look to 2021 here are a few ideas to help you shift your focus to things that can make your life better!

Physical Wellness

  • Try hitting 10,000 steps a day (Karen got 3,980,369 steps in 2020!!)

  • Life is about balance. There should be no foods that are off limits - there are just some foods you eat all the time (veggies) and some foods you eat sometimes (ice cream). This year focus on an 80/20 lifestyle!

  • If you are still spending more time at home, get in the kitchen! Need some suggestions for great meals? Here are a few of our healthy favorites: Paleo Running Momma, Half Baked Harvest, and Feeding the Frasers

Mental Wellness

  • Take a focused walk outside…. Look for colors of the rainbow or try to spell a word using letters in a sign. This intentional time away from your technology allows the mind to be cleared & for you to notice things you might have otherwise missed

  • Connect with friends. I know no one wants “another zoom meeting” but if you can’t get together with friends and loved ones in person - this is a great way to connect. Face time is incredibly important to your health.

  • Breath! Whether that means exercise, meditation, or just a quiet moment…. Focus on your breathing. Here is a great FREE app Sam uses to get to sleep at night: Simple Habits

Financial Wellness

Here's where we come in...

  • Start this year with goals and intentions. You're 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down on a regular basis. It has to do with how our brains work.

  • Make sure you have your basics covered - Wills, Life Insurance, and Beneficiaries up to date?

  • Get out of debt! We’ve always wanted to help our clients with this, but never had a guaranteed tool for success… UNTIL NOW! We’ve introduced this tool to some of our clients in 2020, but this year we want all of you to have the chance to make your money work harder for you! Have a mortgage? Student Loans? Credit Card Debt? We are here to HELP!

  • Focus on TAXES today…. Putting off worrying about taxes in the future might cost you more than you think! If tax mitigation isn’t part of your financial plan - it should be.

  • Stay in the know! Each week we send out a newsletter to share what’s happening, connect you with some great articles and keep you informed. Subscribe today for financial wisdom sent straight to your inbox.

While 2021 is a new year, there are some things from 2020 that are going to linger… we believe keeping your mind positive will help you find success in your physical, mental and financial goals!

Most of all… we just want you to know WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER!

By partnering with Compass Financial, you know you are not alone!

We trust 2021 will bring many blessings to each of your lives, and we are excited to continue to navigate this journey with you!

Cheers to 2021,

Karen, Sam & Allee


Interested in learning more about how we can help you navigate your wealth by eliminating uncertainty, curating your fluid plan and ensuring your confidence in your financial future? Let’s connect.


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