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Mile 2 | The Retirement Race - It’s a Marathon, Not A Sprint

Mile 2 - Prepare Yourself

Lace up! We’re going running. How far you ask? Let’s shoot for a steady 20 miles at a 9-min pace before brunch.

Have I lost you? If you haven’t been training for it, a run like that will bring you to your knees.

Most marathon training plans begin at 20 weeks before the big 26.2 with each week slowly but surely building your stamina and speed. Along with logging miles, most long-distance running plans also involve forming new habits, adjusting your schedule, getting more sleep, and even changing what you eat.

The promise of sticking with a solid plan is being prepared to run your big race. The same holds true for retirement. Deciding you are ready to get serious about your retirement planning five years before you plan to retire is not enough prep time.

At least for most of us…

Yes, yes. There are those exceptions to the rule who through absurd strokes of luck or fortune find themselves sitting pretty for retirement with minimal prep work. But, again, for the majority of us, we have some work to do to get ready for this retirement race.

The saving grace about preparation is that with the right plan and steadfast commitment, you can go from couch to marathon even if you haven’t run a mile in your life. A couple of my favorite resources to help my clients start to prepare for retirement are cash-flow analysis, knowing your why, and understanding your EKG & GPS model.

I am a firm believer that anyone can run a marathon if they truly want to and that a safe, secure retirement IS for everyone. At the end of the day, it all comes down to developing a strategy and preparation.

Are you ready to prepare and plan for your retirement? Let’s talk. Promise I won’t make you run 20 miles...yet.




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