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Where to Spend a Memorable Month Abroad Comfortably


In the month of June, Samantha, Jared and baby girl Charlie have been soaking up the south of France in the town of Antibes, 20 minutes outside of Nice. It has been an amazing mix of working remotely, showing Charlie the beach, and making memories for a lifetime. If you and your family can, we highly encourage this kind of unique experience.

Jared and Charlie

Forbes actually recently put together a list of 13 Exciting Places Where You Can Live For $1,500 A Month—Or Less so we’d like to share this list for some inspiration! Some key things to know about how this list was prepared is that this figure of $1500 or less covers everything for a couple: housing, healthcare, food, fun and more. So if you’re single, you can live this dream out for even less!

They also considered: housing, visas, cost of living, healthcare, climate and more. Additionally, they took into account highly desired additional amenities such as high-speed internet access, networking opportunities and English-speaking communities abroad.

Here are some of the places that stood out to us on this list:

If Latin America is the vibe:

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Not only is this beautiful location just a 20-minute ferry ride from Cancun, which typically has many flights into it from all over the world, but it has a unique culture mixing modern Mexican and ancient Mayan roots. It boasts beautiful white sandy beaches, great food, a casual atmosphere and a convenient and cheap hop on hop off bus system to allow you to navigate the island.

Additionally, many rental apartments can cost around $600 a month including utilities and food stalls offer substantial meals at less than $10 per person, but if a beachfront restaurant is more your vibe, you can certainly do so, just at a higher price.


If Europe is More Your Speed:

Bergerac, France

Located in southwest France, Bergerac is less than an hour and half drive from the iconic city of Bourdeaux and has picturesque villages, honey-colored stone farmhouses and pastoral landscapes. It will provide that quintessential French countryside experience but the further into the city you are, you’ll be able to experience it’s rich cultural scene, including art exhibitions, music festivals and gastronomic celebrations like Les Tables de Cyrano.


If you’re willing to spend this month renting a rustic farmhouse playing Julia Child and cooking at home some and spending some meals out in town, it remains relatively accessible in terms of cost, coming in at around $1,500 a month


If Asia is the Experience You Crave:

Chang Mai, Thailand 

Located in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai has a rich ancient history with modern appeal in this mountainous city that has attracted a varied population of Thai, Chinese, Indians and expats.


You can find a three-bedroom rental condominium with panoramic hill views for as little as $300 a month, with monthly living costs, excluding housing, averaging $300 for a solo explorer and $1,000 for a couple. If you are an adventurous eater, this is a great spot to try local cuisine on a budget, as you can find a three-course meal for two costing around $10.


We know that this might not be an opportunity you can jump on right away, but it’s a great goal to save towards, especially if you’re in a situation where you can do some remote work or even maybe place your own stateside home on Airbnb or some other home rental site to help offset the cost a little bit. Big cultural experiences can sometimes feel a bit daunting at first, but we promise that what you learn from another way of life can have a lasting and beautiful impact on the way you see your own experiences and interactions moving forward.


If you want to put together a plan to start putting money towards this type of experience and want some guidance, feel free to set some time on our calendar!

Your Compass Financial Team


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