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Financial Literacy Games for Little Ones

Our Rule of Thumb: Start early & make it fun!

Financial Family Gamenight

If your social media network is anything like ours, you’ve likely been seeing a ton of ‘First Day of School’ pictures posted by friends and family members lately! There is always a lot of emotion surrounding a new school year - perhaps anxiety if a new school is on the horizon, excitement to see friends again, and likely elation from parents that their kids are finally out of the house 😂

Since little ones are in school a big chunk of the day, we know it’s tough to encourage them to do any more traditional learning at home, but they’re certainly up for games, right? We recently came across a fun activity for kiddos Kindergarten to 6th grade called Fit Money’s Super Squad. The team behind this interactive online game shares that “Behavioral science shows that children form financial habits by age 7, making it critical to start financial literacy early and reinforce yearly.”


And we couldn’t agree more - talking about money early on shows our future generation how to help distinguish between wants and needs, how to work towards a goal, how to build a strong foundation for their future financial well-being, and so much more.

There are so many resources out there - including websites we’ll share below that have aggregated the best games out there, whether they be online, a board game, or something else:

If it feels challenging to get your children (or grandchildren, or nieces or nephews) to play along, we recommend creating some sort of fun ritual around these types of activities so that they truly feel like a fun experience instead of a dreaded chore. If it’s a board game, maybe you go play outside on a blanket under a tree on a sunny day ☀️ If it’s an online game, maybe every time you play, you have a family homemade pizza night 🍕. We want conversations around money to always be positive and enjoyable - so be creative and have fun!

Need more ideas or want to discuss your personal financial goals with us?

Sam and Karen


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