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Our Why - Mother-Daughter Team Shares Their Story & Motivations Behind Compass Financial


Looking back, it was never Karen Stawicki's plan to become a financial advisor. Loading up her Mustang at 19 with $150 to her name and a prayer that fame and fortune awaited her …in Florida, she would have laughed if you told her that this is where she would be standing all these years later.

Karen Stawicki of Compass Financial

But we are a product of our experiences, aren’t we? And when her father passed away at 63-years-young, she had a rude awakening to her family’s financial security… or lack thereof. She promised her grandfather that she would look after her mother, and is proud to say she made good on that promise supporting and ensuring her mom's needs were met until she passed at 87.

At times, the pressure to make ends meet and take care of the people she loved most was overwhelming, but pressure makes diamonds too, doesn’t it? Having a heart for service and driven to ensure history did not repeat itself, she dove head first into finance - eager to learn any and everything that would ensure her family’s financial security and future.

The years marched on, and Karen found her feet with a family of her own - marrying a wonderful man who would become an incredible father for their two beautiful children. As the pair built their lives together, putting down deep, sturdy financial roots that would ensure safety and security for generations to come, her mission grew just as my children did.

Karen found herself ever-more motivated to educate others - teaching them the financial strategies and tools that would protect them and give them much-deserved peace of mind alongside their hard-earned dollars. She may have had to learn these lessons the hard way, but they did not have to…

This is her why. Karen believes that curating and providing financial security, stability and generational wealth is one of the most powerful and impactful ways we can care for our families. This privilege of peace-of-mind, is not reserved for the elite or top 1%, it is for us and she is committed to sharing this knowledge and practice with anyone willing to listen and learn.



When Samantha Irish was 11, she marched into the kitchen and told her mom that she wanted to become a financial advisor, just like her, and join her as a partner…once she got my driver’s license, obviously.

To be clear, Sam had no idea what that meant, but she did know that both her parents were happy and fulfilled in this industry, and she wanted to be a part of it all. They also walked “the golden rule” - do unto others as you would have them do to you. As this is woven into every fiber of her being, the path was clear.

Samantha Irish of Compass Financial

As she pursued higher education, she became fascinated by people - what drives and motivates them or makes them behave the way they do. In fact, she took more classes on sociology, psychology and communication than she did accounting, but, then again, Sam had the best teacher for all-things-finance in her back pocket…

Sam also began to appreciate that she was clearly coming from an alternate vantage point - because her parents had consistently done the hard work over the years to lay the firm foundation for their family, she and her brother were tasked with taking and carrying the torch as they grew families of their own. This, she realized, was the greatest gift that would serve their family for generations to come.

Her parents had armed her with a head start - not necessarily with the money in the bank - but by empowering her to make wise decisions, form constructive habits, avoid unnecessary risks or losses, and navigate the inevitable curve balls that come at us in this life.

Here is where Sam found her why. Complementing the decades of experience and education her mom brings to the industry, she is here to help you understand your behaviors, nurture effective habits and curate a mindset of abundance. Whether you need to course correct on choices that no longer serve you or tap into what truly motivates you, this is where she shines.


Karen & Sam - Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Compass Financial
Karen & Sam - Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Compass Financial

Together, Karen & Sam are Compass Financial and committed to helping you navigate your wealth for what matters most to you. For this mother-daughter duo, that is family - our family, your family - and ensuring their financial safety and security today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

"Whether this is your day one, or one day, we’re glad you’re here and look forward to helping you take steps towards the lifestyle you want for yourself and your loved ones. From ours to yours, welcome to the family."

Learn more about the signature Compass Financial approach leveraging the Power of 3 or get in touch with the team today for your free consultation.


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