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Legacy Planning - don't put it off!

Legacy Planning

Many people plan what they will do when they retire but completely neglect what will happen when they are gone….and the truth is, nobody is going to make it out alive. Listen, we understand that it can be hard to face or have a plan that deals with your own death. However, the irony is, after running out of money, one of the top concerns of retirees is being able to leave a legacy and pass on wealth to kids, grandkids, schools or institutions. Although, some just don’t want the government to get any more than they already have.

A plan will be provided if you don’t have one; it’s the government’s plan, and you won’t like it.

Giving - it can be voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary is when you decide to give to a charity or other non profit (and typically can take a tax deduction for the gift). Involuntary is what is happening when you pay taxes, you have no control over where the money is going, oh, and you can’t write it off either.

We believe that the perfect retirement begins with knowing your income needs are met throughout your lifetime, without fear of ever running out.

But that’s just the first piece. In addition to knowing that your bank account will be fed and your needs will be covered, you have to know that you are paying the least amount of taxes and that your family (or entity of your choosing) will be the beneficiary and not the Government’s plan which is to take first and give the leftovers as your legacy.

We love to show our clients how to get their families to the front of the receiving line and move the IRS to the back of the line. We find that most people we meet simply don’t have their total Estate Plan executed.

This is definitely one of those critical tasks that gets put in the category of “I’ll get to it eventually.” Sometimes folks kick the can down the road on this because they feel it will be too costly, or when their kids were young, they couldn’t decide on who would be their guardian, and now the kids are grown and can take care of themselves, so again, they don’t feel an urgency to finish their estate planning.

We sought to provide our clients with a solution that takes the confusion and cost burden out of the equation, so that every family can have the legacy plan they deserve and desire! We have a plan that can take care of this for less than $1,000 in most cases. Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives and more.

Ready to bring your family to the front of the receiving line, and move the government to the back? Get on our calendar now, we can’t wait to help you create the legacy plan you desire.



Compass Financial Founders - Karen & Sam


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