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What's On Your 2024 Vision Board?

Vision Board

 If you’re like us, you’re still trying to figure out what day of the week it is - a symptom of the excitement and chaos that the holiday season can bring. As such…any resolutions we had in mind actually don’t start until today 😅


Coming up with a game plan of what you want to accomplish in the upcoming year using a pen and paper is perfectly fine, but may we suggest having a bit more fun with it and creating a vision board?


If you haven’t made one before, it's a time where you or you and your spouse, or you and your friends pool together leftover magazines or newspapers and get together and talk about what you want in the year ahead. Bonus points for putting on some of your favorite music and setting out snacks to munch on. You’ll cut out words or images that resonate with your goals and stick them onto a poster board. It might sound a little bit juvenile, but sometimes we need a shake-up to awaken the creativity that is within us! 


If nothing else, it is a fun time and excuse to get together and say what you want out loud, which helps you hold one another accountable too. Additionally, it puts a bit of pep in your step after the holidays have wrapped up and warm weather is far in the distance.


Along with the images and words you choose to put on your board, be sure to write down SMART goals. If you’re not familiar with this acronym, let’s break it down:


Sure we want to strive towards a buzzword like ‘financial freedom’, but what does that really mean to you and what steps can be taken to get you towards that? That's what needs to go on your board.


Lastly, once you’ve put together your board, be sure to place it in your office or wherever you’ll often see it in your home so that you’ll always see what you’re looking to achieve to keep you on track!


If you need some assistance putting together SMART goals for your vision board, set a time on our calendar below!

Compass Financial Team


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