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Mile 3 | The Retirement Race - It’s a Marathon, Not A Sprint

Mile 3 - You Need a Coach

I love watching the finish line of a race. When you see the elite runners careen past that final mark, they often run straight into the arms of their coach.

It gives me all the feels because they know that the success and achievement is shared, and they know they didn’t do it alone.

There are so many things in life we cannot do alone. Even if you are smarter than the average bear, you wouldn’t Google how to perform open heart surgery on yourself, or watch a YouTube video, grab a couple 2x4’s from Lowe’s and build yourself a house.

At least, I sincerely hope you wouldn’t... Why? Because when we take on the hard, complex things we haven’t done before we call in the professional, the teacher, the COACH.

When it comes to something that should hold strong for decades, like your financial strategies and retirement plan, it makes sense to call in a professional to sort out your strategy, hold you accountable, cheer you on and, above all else, stay in your corner.

Often, I hear guilt and shame around calling for backup among our clients - they feel like they have failed somehow because the don’t know how to best maximize their money, are ashamed to ask for help navigating their retirement plan, or don’t feel they have “enough” money to warrant needing an advisor.

Let’s just stop that shame storm, shall we? Don’t penalize yourself before you even get in the race. The term “enough” is relative. To some, your wealth may be pennies, but to others it may be the greatest of goals. If you have a paycheck and a job, you deserve to have your dream retirement.

Know your worth and find someone who values it.

When it comes to your financial security and strategy, don’t try to run the retirement race alone - call in the financial advisor to be your coach. You’ll be running into our arms once you cross that retirement finish line, I assure you.



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